Tumbleweed's Chicken Poblano Burrito

Peppery chicken and jack cheese topped with fire-roasted poblano peppers and a rich & creamy sour cream sauce. Served with seasoned corn rounds.


1. Lay 1, 10” flour tortilla on the cutting board

a. Place one scoop of Tumbleweedʼs Peppery Chicken on the shell to within 1” of the edges

b. Spread 2 oz. jack cheese across the burrito

c. Roll burrito

2. Warm in microwave for 1 minute

3. Remove from microwave and cover with 2 oz. heated Tumbleweed Sour Cream


4. Chop one fire roasted poblano pepper into 1/2” -1” squares

5. Place the peppers on top of the burrito (end to end)

6. Sprinkle the entire burrito with veggie seasoning

7. Fry 3 corn rounds for 2 minutes

8. Dip in melted margarine and sprinkle with paprika

9. Place the corn rounds shingled on the bottom of the platter

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