Tumbleweed's En Fuego Burger



Peppercorn-encrusted burger, piled high with onion straws, hot pepper cheese,

pico de gallo, jalapeño rings and jalapeño ranch. Served with Jalapeño Tabasco sauce.


1. Prepare one peppercorn-encrusted burger to specified doneness

2. Place seven slices of fresh jalapeños on top of the burger

3. Melt one slice of hot pepper cheese on the burger with a dome lid covering

4. Butter and toast a bun

5. Spread a 1 oz. ladle of Jalapeño Ranch on the bottom bun

6. Place the cooked and topped burger on the Jalapeño Ranch

7. Place one scoop of pico de gallo on top of the burger

8. Fry 2 oz. of onion straws for 45 seconds and drain for 10 seconds in a paper towel

lined drain pan

9. Place fried onion straws on top of the pico de gallo

10.Shingle top bun over 1/3 of the burger


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