Chef Jeff is at a Memphis root farm digging in to some farm to table feasts. He gives the secrets to a healthy vegetable salad, flips a hearty flank steak with organic mashed potatoes and grills a seasoned red snapper with creamy greens picked fresh from the garden.

Chef Jeff is on the high seas to team up with the Coast Guard chefs. It’s smooth sailing on an easy chicken gumbo you’ll want to try at home. He’ll reveal how to cut the fat on crunchy crab cakes and make a chicken gumbo that doesn't go overboard on the calories.

Chef Jeff is at the local farmers market to reveal all about farm to table cuisine. He’s cutting the fat on savory butternut squash bacon soup and bringing farm fresh flavor to a healthy and hearty steak and pumpkin hash.

Chef Jeff is showing all the right moves in the ballroom dance studio. He’s making a hearty chicken potpie with an extra kick and he’s taking barbeque-glazed salmon with a black-eyed pea salad for a healthy spin.

Chef Jeff is at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen making treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.  He’s showing the secrets to their world famous praline cookies and whipping up a delicious peppermint milkshake. From taffy to toffee it’s the art of making candy! 

Chef Jeff is teaming up with the cooking queen Paula Deen! They’re putting a healthy flip on a pork and sweet potato dumpling dish and satisfying your sweet tooth with a fresh Georgia peach betty. It’s a delicious event you won't want to miss. 

Chef Jeff is getting all shook up at Graceland, the home of Elvis. He’ll take you on a VIP tour and share secret recipes for some Southern favorites. From smoked catfish and grits, to the perfect grilled steak and a rockin’ crab and avocado salad, Chef Jeff’s making meals fit for a King!

Chef Jeff is in Savannah, Georgia swapping recipes with some of the best chefs in the South. They’re putting a healthy flip on fried catfish and cutting the fat on the crispiest chicken, and you’ll learn the secret ingredient for the juiciest stuffed pork tenderloin.

Chef Jeff is barbequing with the best! He’ll reveal all the secrets to the perfect pulled pork and rack of ribs. He’s putting the flip on traditional barbeque beans and making a healthy grilled vegetable salad you’ll want to try at your next backyard barbeque.

Chef Jeff is at one of the oldest African American churches in the nation, flipping some divine dishes. He’s making a healthy black-eyed pea soup, braised barbeque short ribs with beer battered onion rings and a heavenly bacon and egg salad.

Chef Jeff is like a kid in a candy store as he teams up with the local chocolate shop to learn the secrets to the country’s best chocolate. Their flipping a New York Steak into a sweet and savory treat, and showing you decadent chocolate desserts that are easy to make at home!

Chef Jeff is giving a new southern twist to some old classics! From a healthier version of fried green tomatoes, to savory shrimp and grits, and a nutritious and delicious seafood soup. Plus see why his fresh mint juleps are the toast of the town!

Chef Jeff is teaming up with a special guest, Antonio Sabato Jr. They’re showing the way to win a woman’s heart in the kitchen. They’ll make a smoked salmon appetizer that’ll make her swoon, and serve up sea bass with saffron rice fit for a queen. They top it all off with chocolate covered strawberries, infused with champagne that the ladies will love. 

 Chef Jeff is in Charlotte North Carolina to get a taste of the South’s best bar food. He gets the secret recipe to the perfect chicken hoagie and he pulls the fat out of a pulled pork sandwich served on a pretzel bun. And he’s puts a healthy flip on a rich and creamy pasta dish.

Chef Jeff is in Memphis revealing the secrets to the best pizza in the south. He’s turning up the heat with a spicy El Diablo pizza topped with grilled chicken and roasted peppers, and he’s cutting the fat on a bacon and egg breakfast pizza that’s delicious no matter how you slice it. 

Chef Jeff is at Lasyone’s, home of the world famous meat pies. He’s learning all the top-secret ingredients to their savory pies, and he’s putting the flip on his own healthier low fat version, will it pass the taste test? Find out!

Chef Jeff is in Arizona on an Indian reservation sharing secrets of Native American cooking. They’re using traditional tribal ingredients to make a mouth watering prickly pear chicken sandwich, and flipping enchiladas using locally grown Native American ingredients. 

Chef Jeff is at the farmer’s market hand picking fresh, organic meat and produce. He’s cutting the fat on a crust-less quiche, making poached eggs with sausage hash and grits, and He’s putting a healthy flip on a mouthwatering grass fed T-bone steak with a creamy risotto.

It’s the grandmother of all shows! Chef Jeff is cooking with 3 seasoned grannies making mouth-watering dishes. From a special sweet potato casserole, to a savory shrimp and crab stir fry and a healthy and tasty turkey gumbo, it’s comfort food straight from grandma’s kitchen.

Chef Jeff is at the legendary Sweet Teas restaurant for some down home cooking. Learn secrets to a smothered pork chop and southern style meatloaf and wash it down with refreshing berry iced tea.

Chef Jeff doesn’t miss a beat with a New Orleans high school marching band. He’s cooking up a quick and easy hamburger pizza, delicious crawfish frittata and he flips a healthier version of crispy fried chicken and waffles. 

Chef Jeff has a special delivery for new moms as he shares secrets to healthy homemade baby food.  From nutritious and delicious salmon to pureed vegetables and a pineapple-strawberry smoothie, it’s quick and easy meals to keep babies healthy and happy.

Chef Jeff is in the army now and he’s enlisting the help of the military’s finest chefs to make a lean and healthy prosciutto wrapped lamb. Plus how to lose the fat on a delicious grilled salmon and a healthy flip on an army favorite, biscuits and gravy.

Chef Jeff is in the French Quarter in the Big Easy at Felix’s Oyster House. He’s going behind the scenes in the kitchen to get all the secrets to their charbroiled fresh oysters on the grill and their world famous buffalo oysters. Chef Jeff is putting a healthy flip on a mouth-watering po’boy oyster salad. 

Chef Jeff’s going hog wild at the Harley shop. He’s shifting a sweet potato-butternut squash soup into high gear and cutting the fat on a rib eye steak dish that will drive you wild. 

Chef Jeff is in Charlotte, North Carolina at the King’s Kitchen restaurant. He’s teaming up with the head chef to make a lighter fried chicken and cutting the fat from creamed corn.  Learn all the secrets to their famous pot roast with red eye gravy and get tips to marinating the perfect steak every time. 

Chef Jeff is leading the marching of the ducks at Memphis’ legendary Peabody Hotel. He’s dishing out secrets to a sea scallops and lobster entrée and he’s putting a healthy flip on roasted quail with wild rice. For dessert he’s making a heavenly-layered chocolate and hazelnut mousse.

Chef Jeff is at the world famous soul food restaurant “Sisters of the New South”. He’s in the kitchen to uncover the secret ingredient to their legendary “Swingin’ Sirloin” and spicing things up with tasty smothered shrimp dish. To satisfy your sweet tooth, he’s putting a healthier flip on a low fat sweet potato cheesecake.

Chef Jeff is teaming up with some of the top beekeepers to bring you a taste of honey.  See what all the buzz is about with a honey glazed Cornish game hen, a honey seared pork tenderloin with vegetables and a fresh and healthy farm to table salad.

Chef Jeff competes against the Chef and owner of a gourmet pizza place to flip the menu’s best pizza’s into healthier alternatives without losing the customers! Plus learn how to make mozzarella at home.

Get ready for a rockin’ good time in the Food Truck as Chef Jeff cooks up three amazing dishes with a world famous brass band. The menu includes healthy Jambalaya, a delicious BBQ salmon sandwich and a great seafood salad.

Chef Jeff goes to a cheerleading school and creates some unforgettable dishes with the trainers, coaches and the dancers. He’s making pulled pork sandwiches, fish tacos and a Mexican steak salad that will satisfy any appetite and leave you cheering for more.

Nothing builds an appetite like a good work out, so Chef Jeff heads to the New Orleans Athletic Club to cook with three fitness trainers. In addition to picking up some quick and easy exercise tips, Chef Jeff and the fitness team make a mouth watering cold asparagus soup with hot shrimp, a low fat white spaghetti that the kids will enjoy, and a creative black bean burger that you’ll have to see to believe.

Chef Jeff heads to Shreveport for the annual crawfish festival called “Mudbug Madness”. Learn the secrets of making some delicious dishes that feature these affordable freshwater lobsters.

Chef Jeff goes to a firehouse to demonstrate the secrets of making healthy Italian sausage and pasta that you’ll have to see to believe. And he reveals the recipe to healthier shrimp and grits. He finishes it off with a fast and easy bananas foster.

Chef Jeff is taking a trip to Tyler Texas to find the best bone in filet you’ll ever eat. And once he gets to the Cavender cattle ranch he’s putting the flip on beef with a chicken fried steak recipe you’ll just have to taste to believe!

Chef Jeff saddles up at a dude ranch. He’s revealing secrets to a healthy campfire breakfast and he’s cutting the fat on a classic cowboy filet. Plus he makes a fresh fruit margarita that’ll knock your boots off!

Chef Jeff is at the Legendary Horseshoe Casino where’s he’s finding out the winning secret to the best tasting pork chops. Plus, he’s trying his luck flipping a delicious seafood salad, and he’ll reveal how make his healthier “naked” chicken wings. 

Chef Jeff is at the Virginia state fair with food and fun for the whole family!

He’s teaming up with “Miss Virginia” to make a healthy minestrone soup plus a seafood and veggie dish that’s a real prizewinner!

Chef Jeff is talking Turkey! He’s at the gourmet butcher shop revealing secrets to the perfect turkey. Whether you like it fried, roasted or grilled, he’s giving turkey tips you’ll want to gobble up. And from cranberry sauce to creamy mashed potatoes, he puts a healthy flip on all your favorite fixings. 

Chef Jeff is at a legendary soul food restaurant to learn secrets from the Queen of soul food. They’re flipping some down home favorites like crispy fried chicken with less fat, a healthy and hearty meatloaf and creamy collard greens. It’s comfort food you’ll want to try at home.


Chef Jeff cooks with a team of nutritionists to create the best tasting Sage Rubbed Chicken ever and a healthy Oyster Dressing to go with it. Then he puts the “flip” on Grilled Redfish and he cuts the fat on a great Banana Foster dessert.

Two star basketball players and a cheerleader from the NBA Pelicans flip a delicious quiche, a spicy grilled chicken appetizer and turkey lasagna. It’s a slam dunk in the kitchen!

Chef Jeff is at the brewery to show how beer can make your dishes more delicious. From beer braised short ribs to extra crispy fish and chips and creamy avocado soup, see why this show is the toast of the town!

It’s a church supper that’s divine! Chef Jeff gets the secret to a lemon poppy seed chicken dish that will have you singing it's praises, a stewed chicken that falls off the bone, and a zero fat dessert that’s simple and delicious.

It’s all about bread and we're rising above the rest. With a healthy flip on homemade dinner rolls and the sweet secret to a low fat caramel apple bread pudding. See how quick and easy homemade bread can be.

Chef Jeff is flying high at the air force base and their B-52 Bombers. He’s flipping a healthy seafood sausage combo served over saffron rice. Plus a Mediterranean salad that’s a meal in itself, and an awesome Asian noodle soup that you have to try at home!

Chef Jeff is boating on the Bayou to catch some fresh shrimp and cook it three different ways. From a succulent shrimp boil to a garlic and peppercorn dish to die for and a healthy flip on shrimp chowder, it’s a perfect catch!

Chef Jeff reveals the secrets to the tastiest Tex Mex meals. He’s cooking up a spicy ground turkey salad that is loaded with flavor. Plus he’s turning up the heat with chicken poblano burritos and his top 5 ingredients for the perfect guacamole

Chef Jeff joins up with an amazing Gospel Choir to reveal a healthier recipe for Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Along the way they make Sweet Potato Biscuits, and a super healthy fresh Coleslaw Salad that’s loaded with apples and pecans.

Chef Jeff heads to Wild West to visit a gluten free bakery that’s famous for making gluten free pasta from scratch. There’s gluten free French Bread and a Garden Salad featuring Banana Pepper Vinaigrette. Who says Gluten Free dining can’t be gourmet?

Go back in time as Chef Jeff visits one of Louisiana’s most famous plantation houses to cook in a 140-year-old kitchen. And learn how to make a watermelon salad that will satisfy even the most discriminating appetites.


Chef Jeff heads to the l home of the Kentucky Derby to experience a mouthwatering Flank Steak with Pickled Vegetables. Then he puts the “flip” on a Seafood Potpie that will you can make at home. And get ready for a Mint Julep milk shake. Yum!

If you like BBQ get ready for a trip to one of the South’s secret rib joints to learn the secrets of smoking meats, southern style. Chef Jeff uncovers the ingredients a dry rub you’ll use at your next BBQ and he makes a delicious No-Bake Pie from scratch.

Chef Jeff visits a famous Birmingham Alabama night spot to discover the recipe behind their amazing Soy-Glazed Pork Sandwich. And learn a new tip to making healthier French fries and a delicious Upside-Down Cake.


Flip My Food ventures to an amazing Southern Italian restaurant to experience the secret to creating a mouth-watering Creamy Calamari appetizer. Then learn the recipe to a fast and easy Pork Braciole and two desserts you won’t want to miss.

Chef Jeff heads to Tucson Arizona to throw a tailgate party featuring Smoked Shrimp and Creamed Corn appetizers. He puts the “flip” on a healthier version of Frito Chili Pie and he demonstrates how to prepare a fantastic Prickly Pear Margarita.

No matter how you slice it, it's all about tomatoes. Chef Jeff raids the local produce shop to flip a quick and simple Jambalaya. And he reveals a time saving short cut for your favorite tomato recipes.​

Chef Jeff visits one of the most beautiful gardens in the South and creates a new dish called Asia-Bama Lobster Soup. He puts the “flip” on Mac N’ Cheese with a delicious and low fat Smoked Shrimp combo and he unveils a tasty new Cole Slaw recipe that will make your mouth water.

Life is sweet! Chef Jeff is flipping cupcakes. He learns the secret ingredient for a healthy and delicious red velvet cupcake and cuts the fat on a peanut butter chocolate confection that really takes the cake.

Chef Jeff is teaching Newlyweds some new tricks to get them sizzling in the kitchen. Together they spill secrets to quick and easy Asian favorites. And a white chicken chili with jalapeno cornbread that you will fall in love with.

If you like oysters then you better not miss the incredible oyster throw-down with Chef Jeff at the world famous Bourbon House Restaurant in New Orleans. Get the recipes to grilling oysters three different ways and experience smoked oyster soup that’s fresh and delicious.

 Chef Jeff is taking you out to the ball game and putting a healthy flip on all your favorite ballpark food.  He hits a homerun with a mouth-watering hot dog in a homemade biscuit. And he scores the secret recipe to the famous Godfather burger….that’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Chef Jeff takes us inside a designer’s dream kitchen to whip up a fresh peach salad. He’ll get your mouth watering with a Tex-Mex flip on huevos rancheros and he cuts the fat and boosts the flavor on a tasty shrimp pasta.

Join Chef Jeff on his food truck for an outdoor cooking experience that’s perfect for your next tailgate event. Then go back in time on an 1870’s chuck wagon to grill fast and easy ribs and ranch style beans that you have to taste to believe.

Chef Jeff joins forces with New Orleans finest to give a new healthy new twist on a Big Easy classic, the Po Boy. And he dishes out some arresting desserts that are both low fat and delicious.

Flip My Food ventures to the heart of Louisiana to experience the culinary creations from one of John Besh’s famous restaurants. Learn the secrets of homemade tortellini pasta and get the recipe for a mouth-watering blueberry tart.

Chef Jeff goes to a local coffee shop to experience a famous beef stew creation that’s healthy and delicious. The he puts the “flip” on country corn bread and makes a fast and easy poached pear dessert that you’ll definitely want to make at home.

Chef Jeff demonstrates the healthy way to make steak fajitas. And if you like fish, just wait until you see his zero fat smoked red snapper recipe. And for dessert get ready for a healthier chocolate chip peanut bar that’s out of this world.

On this episode of Flip My Food Chef Jeff prepares a shrimp salad appetizer that you’ll want to serve at your next dinner party. Then he makes a delicious corn chowder along with a super healthy baked soft shell crab dish.

Chef Jeff heads to a bowling alley and rolls a strike with a healthy chicken salad recipe. Then he doesn’t spare the flavor when he reveals a mouth watering chicken sausage pizza recipe. It’s all about great taste and love in the kitchen.

When you’re ready to experience a healthy version of Blue Crab Gumbo, then you’re ready for this episode of Flip My Food. And along with it you’ll get the recipes to mouth watering Shrimp and Collard Greens, and the best tasting Pecan Pie dessert ever!

Flip My Food heads to a diner where fighter pilots love to eat to transform the famous “Bomber Burger” into a creation that’s a whole lot healthier and great tasting too. And learn the secrets of a super low sugar peanut butter pie!

Chef Jeff joins three medical professionals to create some healthy dishes you’ll want to try at home. It starts with a tasty stuffed bell pepper creation. Then he makes a smoky tomato soup that’s really delicious. And finally there’s a healthy crab cake Po’ Boy…Yum!

Chef Jeff takes the food truck to an outdoor concert where he cooks up a healthy pasta dish that really rocks. Then he puts the “flip” on a famous southern sandwich. Finally he serves up a recipe for Jamaican skewered salmon that’s out of this world.

Chef Jeff heads to the local fire station to turn up the heat on a special pork stew that’s healthy and great tasting at the same time. Then, get the recipe for buttermilk cornbread muffins and a super-food salad of kale and watermelon that you better not miss.

When you’re ready to try a healthy “flip” on the classic southern Palmetto Burger, then you’re ready for this episode of Flip My Food. And while you’re hungry check out the secrets to grilling healthy sausages and veggies with homemade mustard. 

Learn the secrets of stovetop smoking with Chef Jeff as he prepares the ultimate pork chop. And get some tips on sautéing garden fresh vegetables garnished with edible flowers. Top it all off with a special Kentucky cocktail and you’ve got a meal to remember.

The mayor of Shreveport joins Chef Jeff in the kitchen to learn the healthy secrets to making blackened fish and shrimp. Then get the inside scoop on a fruit salad creation that’s super low in fat and really high in flavor.


For everyone who enjoys BBQ, Chef Jeff is putting the “flip” on the outdoor grill with a rock chicken creation that’s tender and delicious. He’s cutting the fat and boosting the flavor.  And just wait until you see how yummy grilled angel food cake can be!

While an expectant Mom is delivering her baby, Chef Jeff heads into the hospital kitchen to make a mouthwatering meal for the new mother to enjoy. It’s a three-course feast that’s doctor approved and sure to make you hungry.

If you like macaroni and cheese, then wait until you see the healthy and delicious “flip” Chef Jeff puts on this comfort food classic. And get ready to experience the ultimate banana pudding parfait that easy to make and enjoy at home.

Chef Jeff meets up with three ladies at a local beauty shop who are getting a makeover. While they get the latest hairstyles, he flips there favorite dishes in the food truck to serve up some great tasting healthy meals.

Chef Jeff reveals some of the little known cooking secrets of great southern dishes with the help of three great chefs. Incredible gulf shrimp, delicious duck and authentic jambalaya make this a show you better not miss. 

Cheff Jeff teams up with country music legend Neal McCoy for a healthy lunch that will have everyone singing its praises. Together they cut the fat and boost the flavor. And don’t miss the kids hot dog eating contest. It’s a real winner!

Chef Jeff goes to an artisan dairy to learn the secrets of making healthy goat milk chevre cheese at home. And then he heads to the food truck to demonstrate an easy curry stew that you’ll want to make for your family.

For everyone who likes red beans and rice Chef Jeff uncovers some tips and tricks to putting the flip on this classic combination. And if you like ham, wait until you learn how to make the most delicious ham shank on record.

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