Win a Chance to Have Your Recipe Flipped By Chef Jeff on TV.

Have a secret family recipe or a favorite dish that you would like to make healthier. Now is your chance to have Chef Jeff Flip YOUR recipe into a healthy dish on national television!  

Here is how to enter for a chance to appear on Flip My Food.  

  • Send us your original recipe to Please include a compete list of ingredients, a photo of your dish (if possible) and a back story of the recipe. 
  • One lucky winner could win a chance to appear on Flip My Food with Chef Jeff.
  • Terms and Conditions apply please review our complete Contest Rules 



I absolutely love the show! I can't wait to see what Chef Jeff is up to everyday! He is an awesome Chef. His healthy style of cooking is just what we Americans need to learn. Its always easy to see that his guests really do like his dishes and they arent just acting for the camera. Great show Chef Jeff,please keep them coming!
I absolutely Love Flip My Food! I am a MICROGREENS grower and I hope that Chef Jeff can come to Panama City Beach, Florida and flip a classic recipe for me. I really like Grouper Imperial and I know Chef Jeff can flip it to make it more than "imperial". Perhaps Chef Jeff can incorporate some of the MICROGREENS that I grow. Remember Latisha Litspey MICROGREENS grower. Come on to Beach and "hook" us up.
Hello Chef Jeff, I'm writing you because I saw a flip recipe and was trying to find it but I couldn't and I was trying to see if you get it for me it was the bread recipe that the chef flip with a more healthier way to make it he used wheat flour and remember the butter its was better for you as well is there anyway I can get that recipe if possible
My Eggs Golden Rod: prep 4 HB eggs...dice the whites and place in a bowl.....smash and fluff the yoke in different bowl ......make a simple rue with either Butter or Bacon Grease enough for a 2 cup white sauce( southern Boys call a gravy) season with salt and pepper(coarse Blk) and just a pinch of red the gravy thickens add egg whites and stir.....I also add a boiled med sized potato(diced) left over from a previous meal........pour your chunkie sauce over Biscuits/Toast/English Muffin....sprinkle with grated Sharp Cheddar and your meat choice (crushed Bacon, Shaved smoked Ham, Ham Chunks, Turkey, Chicken) ......take the fluffed egg yoke and sprinkle in top .......dig in !
Hi flip my recipe its called broccoli cheese casero lleva first two bags of frozen brocolli. One bag chedder cheese two cans of cream of mushrooms. Get baking dish one cupof brócoli. In dish than onecan. Of cream of. Mushrooms. Than spread cheese than repeat y hay step until brocolli gone for last time Noe sprinkle cheese. Put in oven until cheese are brown bake for 20min.ate375tempture

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